About us


STOPAIDS is the network of UK agencies working since 1986 to secure an effective global response to HIV and AIDS.

Re-launched on the 2nd September 2013, our new name brings together our previous identities – the UK Consortium on AIDS and International Development and the Stop AIDS Campaign – in to one, single identity: strengthening and clarifying our voice as we work to fulfil the promises we have made to people living with HIV around the world.

With 80 members behind us, STOPAIDS raises a united voice to rally and maintain the UK’s leadership in the global response to HIV. Together with people living with HIV, we fight for a global response that respects, protects and fulfils human rights. We give decision-makers the proof – and the push – they need to make the right, smart choices to help improve the lives of the millions of people around the world needing HIV treatment, prevention, care and support.

STOPAIDS achieves its impact through its membership, which works directly with more than 130 million people worldwide, and by engaging decision-makers through the development of policy, identifying best practice, lobbying and conducting public campaigns. Over three decades STOPAIDS has helped to secure high level international commitments to universal access as well as UK government leadership in the response. We have advanced the international development NGO sector’s work, driving the uptake of the latest and most effective approaches to tackling HIV. We have pressed pharmaceutical companies to open up access to generic versions of their HIV medicines and we have partnered with leading UK parliamentarians throughout this time.

We have a staff team of five, and work in close collaboration with the Policy Adviser at the All-Party Parliamentary Group on HIV and AIDS, government, international and multilateral agencies and international allies.

Our new strategy

In 2013, STOPAIDS developed a new strategy and refreshed our visual identity. The new strategy saw us adopt a new vision, mission and strategic goals.

Our Vision:

“A world in which people with HIV are at the centre of a fully financed response which protects, respects and fulfils human rights, where all people with HIV are healthy and safe, and where all people without HIV remain HIV-free.”

Our Mission:

“To encourage, initiate and support strong UK leadership in the global response to HIV and AIDS across government, civil society, and other relevant actors.”

You can read more about our strategic plan here.