2013 – 2016 Strategic Plan

In 2013, STOPAIDS developed a new strategy and refreshed our visual identity.

Our new identity brought together our two previous identities – the UK Consortium on AIDS and International Development and the Stop AIDS Campaign – in to one, single identity: strengthening and clarifying our voice as we work to fulfil the promises our members made to people living with HIV.

The new strategy saw us adopt a new vision, mission and strategic goals for 2013 – 2016.

Our Vision
“A world in which people with HIV are at the centre of a fully financed response which protects, respects and fulfils human rights, where all people with HIV are healthy and safe, and where all people without HIV remain HIV-free.”

Our Mission
“To encourage, initiate and support strong UK leadership in the global response to HIV and AIDS across government, civil society, and other relevant actors.”

Our Strategic Goals
1. To build consensus that we cannot make progress on health, human rights and broader development until we stop AIDS;
2. To raise a united voice to rally UK leadership on the global response to HIV and AIDS;
3. To fuel learning and highlight best practice;
4. To maintain the financial sustainability and legitimacy of the network, including by promoting the leadership of our members, people living with HIV and our partners and allies in the South.

Download the summary poster of STOPAIDS’ strategic plan for 2013-16

Download the full STOPAIDS Strategic Plan (April 2013) document.

Download the discussion paper that informed the development of our plan (August 2012).

Our activities in 2013 photographs