New STOPAIDS member: The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation

STOPAIDS are pleased to welcome the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation to the network. Elizabeth Taylor established The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF) in 1991 to support organizations delivering direct care and services to people living with HIV and AIDS, often to the most marginalized populations. Today, ETAF also provides funding for HIV prevention education and advocacy programs throughout the world, including existing organizations creating new and innovative techniques that help spread awareness of HIV prevention and treatment to targeted communities.

To date ETAF has granted to more than 675 organizations in 44 countries and 42 states in the U.S.

Case Study: ETAF grant to Equality California Institute (EQCAI)

EQCAI_The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation

EQCAI is the US’s largest statewide LGBT civil rights organization and has worked successfully to educate Californians about issues affecting the health and wellbeing of the state’s LGBT community. One of EQCAI’s long-term goals is to educate policymakers, the public, and the community to build support to modernize criminal laws in California that stigmatize and discriminate against people living with HIV. Through a generous grant from The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, EQCAI is conducting a statewide education campaign to modernize HIV laws in California and create a dedicated webpage that provides assistance to organizations seeking to modernize HIV criminalization statutes in other states.