World AIDS Day Conference 2016

STOPAIDS holds its World AIDS Day Conference

Refuelling the Global HIV Response – The role of UK leadership

On Wednesday 30th November STOPAIDS held its World AIDS Day Conference at ImpactHub Westminster.  This conference marked an important moment in the calendar year as we gathered representatives from all of the key stakeholder groups in one room to discuss and plan the next stage in the global response.

Speaking from the conference Mike Podmore, Director of STOPAIDS said:

“Today we have brought together global voices to identify how the UK can continue to lead the way with increased and better-targeted financial, crucial political and programmatic resources on HIV to stay on track and finally end the AIDS epidemic by 2030. 

“We have made some important but fragile progress in the fight against AIDS. Even maintaining the status quo will see an increase in the number of HIV infections and AIDS related deaths and ever greater costs.

“Now is not the time to stand still, this is the moment we step up, make history and end this global epidemic once and for all.”

Our ‘It Ain’t Over’ campaign was in full swing as demonstrated by the Youth STOPAIDS campaigners and their core message around the dangers of complacency and the importance of recognising our collective responsibility to keep the momentum going if we are going to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030.

We would like to thank all of our speakers and participants and everyone who was able to join us for this event!