Global Fund: Getting the $13 billion replenishment target to the people who need it most



 This autumn marks the Global Fund’s 5th replenishment, with a target set for $13 billion for the 2017-2019 period.

Programs supported by the Global Fund have saved 17 million lives since 2002 and we are on track to reach 22 million lives saved by the end of 2016.

In 2013, after years of pressure from STOPAIDS, the UK government pledged £1 billion for the GFATM and although the $15 billion target wasn’t met the $12.4 billion that was raised was the largest amount ever to be contributed to the response to the 3 diseases. However this in no way means our work is done.

With all of the progress of recent years, we are on the right side of the tipping point to control HIV, TB and malaria thanks to historically low levels of infections and deaths. However, we need renewed investments and effective implementation to use those investments more effectively. Without strong investment, that trajectory could fall off, and there could be an alarming resurgence of the diseases, with huge economic and social costs.

New World Health Organisation recommendations are calling for treatment for all people living with HIV, which requires a massive scale-up of coverage; drug resistance in malaria and tuberculosis means more expensive medicines are required; and more programmes to reach key affected populations are desperately needed. Investment is crucial to financing these interventions otherwise our hopes of reaching the SDG to end AIDS, TB and malaria by 2030 will be dashed.

STOPAIDS will be continuing its convening role within UK civil society to ensure that the UK makes an ambitious contribution in the upcoming replenishment. We will also be working with international partners through the Global Fund Advocate’s Network (GFAN) to help campaign for other donors to increase their pledges to ensure we reach the $13 billion target.


Global Fund policy

STOPAIDS is also heavily engaged with shaping the policy direction of the Global Fund to ensure that the Fund is being as effective and inclusive as possible.

As members of the Northern NGO delegation, STOPAIDS is able to feed in the UK civil society perspective on GFATM decisions.

One of our key priorities within this role is to ensure the Fund’s support continues to reach the key populations that are central to a successful HIV response – women and young people, men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, sex workers and transgender people – wherever they are found – and countering the threat of marginalisation from the mainstream HIV response, and even criminalisation.

This short film shows the incredible work the Global Fund has done amongst people who use drugs, and the risk facing such programmes in middle income countries:


For more information about our ongoing work in support of the Global Fund, please contact Alysa or Saoirse. Click here to read an evaluation of STOPAIDS’ contribution to the UK’s £1bn pledge.