UNITAID is a multilateral organisation which was founded by Brazil, Chile, France, Norway and the UK in 2006. It aims to address problems in the product pipeline and market entry of new medicines and diagnostics for HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB and more recently hepatitis C and to ensure that people in low and middle income countries have greater and equitable access to the same. The NGO and Communities delegations to UNITAID produced this leaflet with more information about UNITAID’s market impact work. UNITAID is based in Geneva and hosted by the World Health Organization. Approximately half of UNITAID’s finances come from a levy on air tickets.


STOPAIDS hosts the Liaison Officer for the UNITAID NGO delegation, Alysa Remtulla. the Liaison Officer is responsible for coordinating the global consultation, communication and engagement of the UNITAID NGO delegation. STOPAIDS has long championed the work of UNITAID, seeing it as a critical part of the global health architecture, making strategic interventions to address failures in the markets for AIDS, TB and malaria medicines and diagnostics. Much of STOPAIDS’ work on access to medicines is closely related to the work of UNITAID.

How can civil society get involved?

The UNITAID board has included two designated seats for civil society since it was created in 2006. One is for communities living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria and one is for NGOs working on the global response to the three diseases.

The NGO and communities board members are supported by their respective delegations. Anyone living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, TB or malaria can join the communities delegation and anyone working for an NGO on the global response to the three diseases can join the NGO delegation.

Delegation members have regular opportunities to input into UNITAID decision making processes and will be involved in lobbying governments and expanding civil society’s work on the three diseases.

If you are interested in joining the NGO delegation or learning more about it, please email alysa@stopaids.org.uk. To learn more about the Communities delegation please email wvandevelde@gnpplus.net

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