STOPAIDS releases factsheets on a regular basis to draw attention to neglected issues related to HIV and AIDS. Factsheets are written in partnership with thematic groups and member organisations. To suggest a topic for a STOPAIDS factsheet, contact Alysa.


Adolescents and Young People and HIV

This factsheet takes a life course approach and considers how biological, behavioural, social and structural factors during adolescence and early adulthood influence HIV outcomes and effective HIV programming strategies.

Sex Work, HIV and Human Rights
With examples drawn from our membership, this factsheet looks at how INGOs can work effectively to partner sex workers and reduce rates of HIV.

HIV Co-infections
This factsheet highlights the barriers that prevent equitable access to innovative and quality-assured medicines for some selected HIV co-infections.

Failing states and HIV
This factsheet explores the linkages between HIV and failing states, and how poor infrastructure present increased problems for the global HIV response.

Harm Reduction and HIV
This factsheet explores harm reduction, effective interventions and outlines recommendations for the UK government.

Livelihoods and HIV
This factsheet explores to linkages between HIV and livelihoods, and provides recommendations on effective integration of HIV and livelihoods programmes.

This factsheet explores the connections between water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH), HIV and AIDS, and provide recommendations on how HIV interventions can integrate WASH into their programming.

Violence Against Women and HIV
This factsheet explores how violence against women and girls increases vulnerability to HIV, why women living with HIV face violence, and current interventions to address violence.

Palliative Care and HIV
This factsheet sets out to explain what palliative care is, the relationship between HIV, AIDS and palliative care, and information on access to pain drugs as a barrier to effective palliative care provision.