Video Testimony

Cedric Nininahazwe

In honour of #YouthDay2015, STOPAIDS had a visit from of the National Network of Young People Living with HIV/AIDS (RNJ) today. Check out this video to learn more about Cedric’s amazing work and why he thinks young people are essential to the HIV/AIDS response.

Allen Kyendikuwa

STOPAIDS had the opportunity to meet Allen Kyendikuwa, 25, who attended the DFID ICS Youth Summit. Allen is a programme manager at the Uganda Youth Coalition on Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and HIV/AIDS. Allen talked to us about the unique role of youth in the HIV response and why young people are best placed to give advice to their peers.

Maurine Murenga

Maurine Murenga visited STOPAIDS in December 2015. In this video she describes her role as the Global Fund Coordinator at ICW helping women access Global Fund grants. Maurine explains that her work breaks down complex and jargon filled documents and puts them in the context of women’s every day realities, helping them strategise and plan how they can be most effective within Global Fund processes. She also describes her own experience as an HIV+ mother in accessing health services in Kenya and the importance of community led programmes.

Alexa Dominich

Alexa Dominich works with the Fokus Muda Network and is the CCM representative for key populations in Indonesia. She met with STOPAIDS in December 2015 when she spoke on our World AIDS day panel. In this video she describes the role of young people in the response to HIV/AIDS and the challenges youth face when accessing services. She also challenges the classification of Indonesia as a MIC, asking donors to consider whether the Indonesian government is ready to provide HIV services for all people- including the most vulnerable and marginalised.