Sex work and HIV – workshop and Fact Sheet

The June 2014 STOPAIDS report looking at key populations opens with the sobering statistic that female sex workers are 14 times more likely to contract HIV than other women of reproductive age.

In July 2014, The Lancet joined an ever growing number of health and human rights organisations calling for the full decriminalisation of sex work in order to address the HIV epidemic. This groundbreaking study affirms the need to take a more holistic approach to the study of sex work in relation to health and HIV, including a focus on repressive laws and policies, raid and rescue operations, the impact of violence and widespread stigma and discrimination against male, female and transgender sex workers.

As part of our on-going interest in encouraging the exchange of best practice, STOPAIDS  has contracted Anastacia Ryan, formerly of NSWP, to lead a process of discussion across our membership, exploring the current approaches being taken by our members and examining best practice guidelines and tools available internationally. This process will culminate in the publication of a Fact Sheet aimed at the STOPAIDS membership and our partners in DFID and other health and human rights networks such as GADN and the SRHR Network.

March 2015 Workshop

The process began on March 5th when over 20 member organisations and DFID gathered to take part in a workshop facilitated by Anastacia.

Towards a Fact Sheet

We are now moving to the next stage of the work, which will culminate in the publication of a Fact Sheet highlighting the best way forward for our members. Other factsheets can be found here.

To get involved contact STOPAIDS.