STOPAIDS launches a call for a consultant for project on ‘Global Health Architecture, HIV, and Community Led Responses’

STOPAIDS, International HIV/AIDS Alliance, International Civil Society Support and STOP AIDS Alliance are leading a piece of work looking at the global health architecture in the context of the global HIV response. The project aims to generate an analysis of the HIV focussed global health architecture (the Global Fund, WHO, UNAIDS, UNITAID, PEPFAR, USAID, World Bank etc.) and how it is working, including the level of political and financial support for community led responses. It also aims to generate key questions to contextualise future discussions around the global health architecture and how it delivers for civil society organisations and communities.

Key questions for the piece:


  • What is the global health architecture currently? How do the different actors fit together? What gaps exist? What are the opportunities to better integrate HIV?
  • Based on current trends and global discussions, what are different models proposed for global health architecture? And where does HIV response fits in within those models?
  • How is and should civil society and communities be involved in the national, regional and global governance structures of global health multilaterals?
  • What are the current global commitments and “standards” supporting community responses for health: are there mechanisms in place to support those commitments? (Community responses: (i) advocacy, campaigning and participation of civil society in decision-making, monitoring and reporting on progress made in delivering HIV responses; (ii) direct participation in service delivery; (iii) direct participation in research; (iv) community financing).


  • At a global level what financial support is available to CSOs, including for engagement in the architecture?
  • How can we ensure increased funding for CS, particularly in UMICs and transitioning countries?

This work is supported by STOPAIDS, International HIV/AIDS Alliance, International Civil Society Support and STOP AIDS Alliance.

The closing date for applications is Wednesday, February 28th 2018. For more information about the project please download the ToR.

If you have any questions about the consultancy please get in touch with

Global Health Architecture ToR – Download