STOPAIDS celebrates news that France will host 2019 Global Fund Replenishment Conference

STOPAIDS celebrates the news that France will be hosting the next Global Fund Replenishment Conference in 2019. France helped create the Global Fund back in 2002 and has remained a leader in the global response to AIDS, TB and Malaria.

To end the three diseases by 2030, it is essential that we have increased investment in critical funding mechanisms such as the Global Fund. The Global Fund Replenishment Conference in September 2019 will be a key driver in generating both financial and political support.

Mike Podmore, Director of STOPAIDS and Board Member of the Developed Country NGO Delegation to the Global Fund Board, said:

“The decision that France will host the 2019 Global Fund Replenishment Conference is exciting news for global health. By doing so, France is reinforcing its own commitment to ending the three diseases and we hope that all other donors will respond to this by stepping up with increased funds for this upcoming replenishment. The fund has already saved 22 million lives in over 100 countries, but we must not stop now. To end the epidemics of AIDS, TB and Malaria by 2030 the international community must pull together, increase resources and ramp up political commitment and leadership.”