STOPAIDS is recruiting for a Key Stakeholder Advisory Group

STOPAIDS is recruiting for a Key Stakeholder Advisory Group. The group will play a key role in ensuring that people living with or affected by HIV and/or co-infections as well as key and marginalised populations are meaningfully involved in the STOPAIDS strategic development process. Our goal is to develop a new organisational strategy (2021-25) that enables us to make full use of, and build on, our learning, skills, capacity and reputation to achieve meaningful change where we (our staff, Board, membership and key partners) think it can have the biggest impact.

For the development of our new strategy we decided to have a Key Stakeholder Advisory Group that would provide guidance from the very beginning on the strategy process to ensure meaningful participation of all key stakeholder groups. This group is not intended to provide content input to the process but rather ensure that the process works for everyone, particularly those that are most often marginalised or unheard. The Key Stakeholder Advisory Group will lead on outlining how people living with HIV and/or co-infections and other key or marginalised communities should be meaningfully involved in the STOPAIDS’ strategic development process. They will also hold STOPAIDS and the STOPAIDS’ Board Strategy Working Group to account on the delivery of these plans from a meaningful engagement perspective.

The strategy development process will run from July 2020 until February 2021.

Estimated Time Commitment: 18 hours approx.

Application Process 

We welcome applications from people living with or affected by HIV and/or co-infections and individuals from key and marginalised populations who can share their perspective on the strategic development process and hold us to account on ensuring meaningful involvement. Ideally candidates will have experience of engaging in strategic review processes or as members of advisory groups with a remit of ensuring meaningful inclusion.

Further details are included in the Terms of Reference here.

To apply please submit a one-page expression of interest outlining your suitability for this role and any relevant experience to: by Tuesday 11th August.

Please note, all expressions of interest will be reviewed and stored within our Privacy Policy which can be found: