Our new campaign action to protect youth priorities and rights in digital health!

Leave no young person behind in the digital health era

STOPAIDS and other digital health activists have launched a new campaign to demand that no young person is left behind in the digital era. The globally agreed World Health Organisation’s Digital Health Strategy does nor mention young people even once, so we’re asking you to stand with us today and join our global call for governments to do the following:

  • Address the ‘digital divide’ so that all can benefit from digital health tools
  • Invest in digital literacy, so that young people know their digital rights
  • Ensure young people have a say over their future and security by including them in the design and delivery of digital health strategies
  • Put funding and regulations in place to ensure that young people’s rights and health data are protected, guided by the Health Data Principles.

Digital tools and artificial intelligence (AI) may help us to achieve the Global Goals, including health for all, but there are no guarantees that the benefits will affect everyone equally. Young people are the most digitally connected, making those online and engaged the most likely to benefit, but also the most vulnerable to the risks associated with giving up their data. Those who have historically experienced marginalization and discrimination are even more at risk. Meanwhile the young people who are not digitally connected, such as those living in rural areas or from lower income backgrounds, risk being left behind.

The main global agreement on digital health is the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Digital Health Strategy. This includes a list of actions for governments and other stakeholders to take to improve the use of digital approaches to achieve health for all. Governments are currently planning how to deliver these and will report back at the next World Health Assembly in 2023. Therefore, now is the time to ask governments how they will deliver on young people’s priorities for digital health!

TAKE ACTION HERE, add your name and stand with activists worldwide demanding government action to protect their health and rights in the digital space.

Interested in learning more? Read our campaigner briefing in English here, in French here, in Portuguese here and in Spanish here.

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