STOPAIDS reaction to ViiV Healthcare voluntary licensing agreement with the Medicines Patent Pool

Montréal, Canada

Reacting to the news that ViiV Healthcare and the Medicines Patent Pool have announced a voluntary license agreement to open up generic production and supply of CAB-LA in 90 countries, Mike Podmore, Director at STOPAIDS said: 

“That this agreement between ViiV and the MPP will increase access to HIV prevention treatment for those in low- and middle-income countries is most welcome. However, the deal remains fundamentally limited in scope. 

Many countries with manufacturing capacity are totally excluded from this agreement, particularly in Latin America and Asia. Furthermore, only allowing up to 3 companies worldwide to produce generic versions could limit the potential reduction in price that would lower cost as a barrier to access.

Viiv must urgently be transparent about its pricing of CAB-LA under this agreement, which must be priced in line with the current cost of oral PrEP which is about $360/year. 

It must also broaden the agreement to include upper-middle income countries, who are facing rising HIV rates.

With over 1.5 million new HIV infections last year, over 1 million above UNAIDS’ targets, ViiV must act swiftly to help prevent new infections to get the global response back on track.”