STOPAIDS reaction to The Global Fund launch of the Digital Health Impact Accelerator

The Global Fund and Private Sector Partners have today launched The Digital Health Impact Accelerator (DHIA) with US$50 million in funding, to accelerate countries’ digital health transformation in sub-Saharan Africa.

Reacting to the news, Tabitha Ha, Advocacy Manager at STOPAIDS said:

“It is welcoming to see increased funding to support the Global Fund’s role in the digital health transformation. The DHIA is an exciting initiative with the potential to improve health outcomes, with communities at the center. However, it must advance global health equity and protect human rights.

 It is not yet clear how the Accelerator will ensure human rights are strengthened and protected, or how the experiences of communities and civil society will shape its direction.

New research on the digital health and rights of young adults in Kenya and Ghana has found that the digital transformation has resulted in both increased empowerment but also exposed women and key populations to human rights abuses, including threats, stalking and discrimination online. 

Safeguards to protect human rights, including risks to privacy and data protection, must therefore accompany the delivery of the DHIA.  

In order to fully realise the benefits of digital health, the Global Fund must identify the needs of affected communities and civil society in the digital health transformation and ensure they meaningfully participate in related decision-making. 

We hope to receive clarity about how this will happen as soon as possible.”



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