STOPAIDS reaction to MPP sublicences to produce generic versions of ViiV’s long acting HIV prevention medicine CAB-LA

Reacting to the news that the Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) has signed sublicences with Aurobindo, Cipla and Viatris to produce generic versions of ViiV Healthcare’s long-acting HIV prevention medicine CAB-LA, Mike Podmore, Director of STOPAIDS said:


“Political and financial support for Unitaid continues to deliver progress, with the MPP’s latest sublicensing agreements a positive step forward to increasing access to long-acting HIV prevention medicine.

There is, however, a lot further to go. Supplying just 90 countries at a time when many upper-middle-income nations are seeing rising HIV rates is short-sighted and an unnecessary limitation.

What’s more there are many countries with manufacturing capacity that are totally excluded from this agreement, particularly in Latin America.

Given this agreement is limited to just three generic manufacturers, who may take years to make their versions commercially available, ViiV will effectively maintain a monopoly on long-acting PrEP for some time. Once these generics are available, there will still be limited competition which will fail to lower prices as far as needed. Meanwhile, we still have no transparency on the pricing of CAB-LA.  

Whilst we wait for generic production to begin, it is crucial that ViiV expands production and commits to supplying CAB-LA in low- and middle- income countries at a price as close as possible to the current cost of Oral PrEP.

We must recognise the truth: the HIV response is in danger. We cannot accept the current reality that there is an AIDS-related death every minute and we mustn’t accept new HIV transmissions at three times above global targets.

Ultimately, we will only end AIDS and new HIV transmissions with fair, affordable access to prevention medication for everyone, everywhere.”



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