UN General Assembly: Advocating for Human Rights in the Digital Age

This September, STOPAIDS, GNP+ and KELIN were among members of the Digital Health and Rights Project (DHRP) consortium who attended the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on behalf of the Consortium to advocate for digital health and rights.

Digital technologies are fast becoming a key resource to improve health and wellbeing across the globe. The term captures a range of interventions including the use of digital technologies, data and AI to improve health outcomes.

We believe that digital technologies have the potential to be incredibly beneficial for health and wellbeing. However, our research with young people around the world has demonstrated numerous structural barriers that prevent access to, and benefit from, digital technologies for health.

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The DHRP Consortium is a global collective of organisations working on digital health and human rights. We conduct research, mobilise activists and advocate on three key issues: governance of digital technologies for health, reduction of digital divides and meaningful participation of civil society and communities in digital innovation and governance.