Mike Podmore, Director

I joined STOPAIDS in July 2015. I am a partner to STOPAIDS Trustees in the delivery of our strategic plan, working closely with both members and donors to secure an effective global response to HIV and AIDS. I also represent STOPAIDS in our dealings with wider civil society, and internationally, and lead on engaging DFID on its overarching strategy for HIV and AIDS.


Siomha Cunniffe, Operations and Development Manager

I joined STOPAIDS in July 2015. I am responsible for working with the Director in the development and management of the organisation. I also lead on membership engagement and the organisation of STOPAIDS events.


Alysa Remtulla, Policy Officer


I joined STOPAIDS in February 2015. I lead STOPAIDS policy work on the political, programmatic and financial prioritisation of HIV by the UK government.  I also convene STOPAIDS members to exchange best practice on thematic topics.


Saoirse Fitzpatrick, Advocacy Officer

I joined STOPAIDS in June 2015. I help to lead our campaigning and advocacy efforts to achieve a fully funded and effective Global Fund as well as on our access to medicines work. I also help to coordinate and support the work of our partners at the Youth Stop AIDS Campaign. I am currently on maternity leave and will be returning to STOPAIDS towards the end of the year.


Tabitha Ha, Advocacy Officer (Maternity cover)

I joined STOPAIDS in February 2017. I lead on our access to medicines advocacy at STOPAIDS. I coordinate the Missing Medicines coalition, which is made up of several of our UK members, and co-chairs the Campaign working group of the EU Alliance on Responsible R&D and Affordable Medicines. Previously I worked as Coordinator of the Youth Stop AIDS network at Restless Development, and before that supported Restless Development’s Global Policy and Practice team.


Robin Jakob, Multilateral Liaison and Engagement Officer

I joined STOPAIDS in May 2016. I coordinate the NGO Delegation to the Board of UNITAID. UNITAID is an international funder for HIV, TB and Malaria based in Geneva. It funds innovate solutions to access to medicines and diagnostics challenges in the three diseases. Before joining STOPAIDS I worked for domestic HIV organisations in London and Edinburgh.


Karris Hamilton, Office Coordinator

I joined STOPAIDS in April 2017. My role is to upkeep the general running of the office, assist the Operations and Development manager with funding and finance, provide PA support to the Director and lead on communications. Before I joined the STOPAIDS team I spent 3 months in Burkina Faso, where I worked with a local NGO to raise awareness around women’s rights and health issues, including HIV.


Diarmaid McDonald, Advocacy Manager

I joined STOPAIDS in January 2010. My role is to consult on our campaigning and advocacy work on the financing of the AIDS response and access to medicines, I am also the alternate board member of the NGO delegation to UNITAID. I have recently reduced my hours and am currently working for STOPAIDS for 1 day per week.