Sarah Hand, AVERT

Sarah has worked extensively across the HIV sector since the early 1990s, initially in the UK as a HIV specialist Nurse and Midwife and then internationally in countries including Malawi, South Africa, Mozambique and the Eastern Caribbean.  In 2014 Sarah joined AVERT as their Chief Executive Officer where she has supported the development of their new strategic framework and overseen an increase in their work and impact.  Sarah is passionate about the role STOPAIDS plays in ensuring that HIV remains within the policy, political, donor decision making consciousness and the power of the collective voice brought through STOPAIDS members.


Alex Sparrowhawk, Terrence Higgins Trust and UK CAB

Alex became actively involved in the HIV sector following their own diagnosis in 2009. In 2015 Alex joined Terrence Higgins Trust’s policy team and more recently moved to a role on the HIV Prevention England national programme leading its work on sector learning and development and systems leadership. Alex is passionate about ensuring people living with HIV are represented meaningfully in all advocacy and lobbying efforts to ensure HIV and AIDS remain on the political agenda.


Georgie Wallis, Youth Stop AIDS

Georgie recently graduated from SOAS where she studied International Management and South East Asian Studies. She first got involved with international development and global health in 2014, when she was living and volunteering in South Africa working with HIV/AIDS education and prevention. In 2016 Georgie got involved with Youth Stop AIDS. At first she was a group leader at her university, and then later was elected to be the Missing Medicines Officer on the Steering Committee. Since then, she has been working closely on access to medicines as well giving support towards the It Aint Over Campaign.


Anton Ofield-Kerr, Equal International

Anton is managing director and founder of Equal International, Anton has over 25 years’ experience in public health and international development.  Starting work as a professional general, community, psychiatric nurse and midwife in southern Africa, Anton later moved on to become the Head of Policy for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. Anton has worked with a wide range of organisations in the global south and internationally, including UN agencies and key donor governments.


Jacqui Stevenson, ATHENA Network

Jacqui Stevenson is a gender and human rights expert and qualitative researcher with interest in feminist, participatory and creative research, who works to strengthen the meaningful engagement of women in all of their diversity in decision making that affects their lives, and to advance SRHR and HIV integration. Jacqui has worked in research, advocacy and community engagement in the HIV sector since 2009. She works as Lead: Research and Analysis for the ATHENA Network, an international organisation promoting gender equity in the global HIV response. She is also a PhD candidate at the University of Greenwich.


Charlie Gamble, TackleAfrica

Charlie is CEO of TackleAfrica, an NGO which uses football to deliver sexual health education to young people on football pitches across Africa. With a career that has included Comic Relief and Street League and election to the Network Board of streetfootballworld in 2010, Charlie has an Honours Degree from the University of Leeds and is a committed advocate for the positive influence of creative, non-traditional education. Charlie has fifteen years’ experience working in the development sector, predominately focused on supporting young people.


Clive Ingleby, VSO

Clive has worked in international development for nearly 20 years. He started his journey in 2000 when he worked as a VSO volunteer with the National Progressive Primary Health Care Network based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since then he has worked in various VSO positions globally, and has been VSO’s global lead for Health and HIV from 2007. His key responsibilities include managing technical support provision to VSO’s health programmes in 14 countries, managing organisational evaluation and learning around both health CPAs, support to business development and external representation on behalf of VSO.


Romilly Greenhill, ONE

Romilly Greenhill is ONE’s UK Director. Romilly started her career at the Ugandan Finance Ministry, where she was responsible for allocating the extra money gained through debt cancellation and good quality aid. This inspired her to campaign on both issues in subsequent roles at the New Economics Foundation and ActionAid. She was also a policy expert for the 2005 Make Poverty History campaign.

She then moved to lead DFID’s work on aid transparency, starting and then running the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). Romilly also spent six years as a Senior Research Fellow and Team Leader at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), leading the institution’s work on development finance and financing the ‘leave no-one behind’ agenda.


Vicki Howard, Marie Stopes International

Vicki is the Restricted Fund Accountant for Marie Stopes International which is her first experience of working in the Sexual and Reproductive Health sector. Working at MSI was an eye-opener in terms of the scale of work to be done in SRHR across the world, including HIV/AIDS education which is what led her to become interested in STOPAIDS. She previously trained with KPMG in the Public Sector Audit Department which included work on a range of Charities and NGOs. She also has a background in marketing and advertising prior to training in Accountancy.


Husseina Hamza, Africa Advocacy Foundation

I work as Peer Mentor and Community outreach support worker at Africa Advocacy Foundation (AAF) Work to empower BAME individuals and families experiencing multiple disadvantages and barriers including ill health, poverty, deprivation, violence, isolation and those relating to language, culture, faith or other social issues. I work with communities in London who are affected by a range of issues including sexual and reproductive health, violence against women and girls, female genital mutilation (FGM) and mental health issues. As part of my work, provides information, advocacy, advice, practical support, educational and community support to those that are living in poverty, particularly within the BAME communities in South London. I also train and equip BAME men and women living with HIV with the knowledge and tools to become active champions for better HIV services; and to support other vulnerable HIV positive Individuals to overcome stigma and exclusion, manage their status and experience better quality of life.