After an 18-month pilot, STOPAIDS has become one of the first charities in England to implement a 28-hour working week. The results from the pilot conveyed that shorter working hours has improved staff well-being and staff productivity has stayed the same and in some cases, even improved.

STOPAIDS began a 6-month pilot of the 28-hour week in October 2019. Staff retained the same amount of pay but with a reduced working time of 28-hours per week. We set up a a pilot with key performance indicators and hired an external evaluator. We evaluated initially after 6 months, just as Covid-19 had hit, and decided to extend the pilot so that we could see how our fundraising and long-term advocacy outcomes might be impacted.

In April 2021, we completed a second independent evaluation and presented the findings to our board of trustees. The findings showed that staff workplace stress had decreased from the baseline; all staff reported a better work-life balance and better well-being and the organisational outcomes improved or remained the same. This policy has also encouraged staff recruitment and retention.

Our Director Mike spoke on the 28-hour week at a Bond conference and at an event hosted by 4 Day week Campaign.  You can read more in the Devex article here and in The Independent. Tabby, Strategic Advisor at STOPAIDS also spoke on the 28-hour week at a Bond webinar in October. You can watch the recording here.

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