Our Missing Medicines campaign fights for medical research and development to be driven by public health need rather than profit. We believe that everyone should be able to access life saving treatment when they need it. Learn more about the campaign and how you can get involved here.

It Ain’t Over is calling on the UK government to financially, politically and programmatically reprioritise HIV. Campaigners are highlighting that although we have the tools and the knowledge to defeat AIDS we have taken our eye off the ball. The campaign urges young people to write to their MPs and ask them to take action in parliament.

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Youth Stop AIDS

Youth Stop AIDS is a volunteer led network of young people across the UK who hold talks, street campaigns, take creative action and lobby decision makers to ensure that governments, global institutions and corporations are committed to ending AIDS by 2030. There are 18 regional Youth Stop AIDS groups all over the UK, with over 300 activists.

To find out more about Youth Stop AIDS see their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. If you are interested in getting involved with Youth Stop AIDS contact



STOPAIDS’ advocacy work is supported by a number of Ministers and Parliamentarians, notably through our work with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on HIV and AIDS. We are a ‘critical friend’ to Government, continually pushing for greater high level political commitment and the best standard of technical expertise and policy making. We engage with parliamentarians, ministerial teams, civil servants at DFID and other relevant government departments, student campaigners, communities of people living with HIV, multilateral institutions and pharmaceutical companies.



Significant gains have been made in the global response to AIDS, but the battle has not yet been won. We receive no funding from the government, which allows us to advocate from a position of independence. We are solely funded by trusts and foundations, membership fees and donations from individuals, who share our vision:

“Of a world in which people with HIV are at the centre of a fully financed response which protects, respects and fulfills human rights, where all people with HIV are healthy and safe, and where all people without HIV remain HIV-free.”

If you are an individual who shares our goals and would like to support our work, please consider making a donation. Your support is greatly appreciated.