STOPAIDS is the network of UK agencies working since 1986 to secure an effective global response to HIV and AIDS. With our members we raise a united voice to rally and maintain the UK’s leadership in the global response to HIV.

We are currently reviewing our 2021-2025 strategy. The current STOPAIDS strategy runs from 2017 to 2020. A diagram representing the core components of our strategy can be downloaded here.

We have two priority impact areas:

  • The first is focused on the need for the ongoing prioritisation of the global HIV response: ‘Why HIV still matters’.  We seek to ensure that the UK government, NGOs and other key stakeholders renew their leadership and financial/political/programmatic commitment to ending AIDS by 2030. In particular we have a focus on increasing funding and inclusion for civil society and for those most affected by HIV.
  • The second is focused on what we call HIV and wider issues: This covers the integration of HIV into broader health, development and human rights work but also addresses broader issues that are critical to the HIV response but also have much relevance across international development. The issues we currently cover include: access to medicines; leaving no one behind – particularly key populations, young people and women and girls; the role of donors in middle income countries; and global health governance.

We have three strategic approaches to achieve impact in the priority areas identified above. 1) We engage and develop relationships with key decision-makers in order to influence policy and practice within the UK and globally; 2) We mobilise influence through parliament, the media, and public campaigning; and 3) We develop evidence-informed policy positions by drawing on the knowledge and expertise of STOPAIDS members and others and develop policy and programmatic positions that can be used to influence key stakeholders.

Underpinning and fuelling all our work is our three organisational foundations: our resource mobilisation; our member support and engagement; and our network governance and management.