Millions of people are denied the access to medicines they need because of the high prices set for medicines. STOPAIDS has a history of fighting for and improving patients’ access to affordable medicine. Today, we coordinate the Missing Medicines campaign which aims to tackle high drug prices through strengthening the power of public research and development (R&D) funders and demanding transparency. We also work with the EU Alliance in order to share our learnings and support progress at the European level.

Over the past two years we have published two new reports with our Missing Medicines allies, the first Pills and Profits: How drug companies make a killing out of public research which shows how taxpayers are funding billions of pounds worth of research into life-changing drugs – only to be told they are too expensive when they need them. The second The People’s Prescription: Re-imagining Health Innovation to Deliver Public Value sets out a vision for a health innovation model that is driven by public health need and delivers products at prices that patients and health systems can afford.

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