The Global Fund


Ensuring the implementation of the Global Fund Strategy

STOPAIDS is an active member of the Global Fund Developed Country NGO Delegation, with Mike Podmore previously serving as the Board Member for the Developed Country NGO Delegation. Since 2022, STOPAIDS Advocacy Manager Tabitha Ha has been a member of the Global Fund Developed Country NGO Delegation and within this role works with a broad array of partners on the board to provide oversight to the Global Fund Secretariat in the delivery of its strategy. You can find more information on the work of the Delegation or get involved by visiting the website.


Ensuring full funding for the Global Fund

STOPAIDS co-ordinates UK stakeholders to come together in the UK to support a strong on-going financial commitment for the Global Fund by the UK government. The UK Civil Society Global Fund Working Group is currently campaigning ahead of the Global Fund’s seventh replenishment which is seeking to raise at least $18bn to get the world back on track toward ending HIV, TB and malaria, to build resilient and sustainable systems for health and strengthen pandemic preparedness. If you are interested to join us in this work, contact our office for more information. We also co-ordinate with international advocates in donor and implementing countries through the Global Fund Advocates Network to ensure a successful overall replenishment of the Global Fund.





Ensuring the implementation of the Unitaid Strategy

STOPAIDS hosts the Liaison Officer for the NGO Delegation of the Board of Unitaid. Unitaid is a relatively smaller multilateral than the Global Fund which does crucial work on innovation and overcoming access barriers to medicines and diagnostics to address AIDS, TB, Malaria, HIV/HepC Co-infection, RMNCH and, most recently, Covid-19 with its role in ACT-A.  It does this by, for example, funding studies on different delivery methods for self-testing for HIV or funding research into paediatric TB medications. As one of only two civil society seats on the Board, the NGO delegation has an important role to play in keeping the Unitaid board accountable. For more information about the delegation or Unitaid more generally contact Molly Thompson.

Ensuring full funding for Unitaid

STOPAIDS also works with UK stakeholders to increase the visibility of Unitaid and ensure the UK government maintains its full financial commitment to the organisation to ensure equitable access to innovative, high-impact, and value-for-money interventions in global health worldwide.

Useful resources on Unitaid

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