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Statement: Civil society and community participation in the Pandemic Accord

The work of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) responsible for drafting and negotiating a WHO Pandemic Accord is at a crucial moment. With 6 months remaining, it is critical that civil society and communities can bring their expertise and experience to this process in an effective and meaningful way. Ahead of the resumed INB7 meeting … Continued

STOPAIDS statement: Analysis of the 2019 & 2023 UHC Political Declarations

STOPAIDS and partners developed a statement comparing the commitments in the 2019 UHC Political Declaration and the 2023 UHC Political Declaration, focusing on the following areas: References To HIV Human Rights Language Communities Integration In summary, the 2023 UHC Political Declaration takes positive steps towards prioritising person-centred care, better coordination in healthcare, and increased recognition … Continued

Webinar: Principles to guide engagement with communities and civil society in global health governance; August 2023

In 2020, STOPAIDS, Aidsfonds, Frontline AIDS, & Civil Society Sustainability Network (CSSN) published a report titled ‘HIV, Universal Health Coverage, and the Future of the Global Health Architecture: A civil society discussion paper on key trends and principles for evolution‘. The report collated some of the experiences of the HIV movement and suggested what lessons and principles might inform the development of the global health architecture going forward, including the meaningful … Continued

Featured Consultation Report: Principles for the Meaningful Involvement of Civil Society and Communities in Global Health Governance

This October 2022 document is the result of consultations towards the co-creation of key principles for the meaningful involvement of civil society and communities in global health governance, drawing on constituency based governance structures. The process builds on preliminary ideas from work that Aidsfonds, Frontline AIDS, Civil Society Sustainability Network (CSSN) and STOPAIDS did together … Continued

High Level Meeting Briefings

In light of the multi-stakeholder hearings on TB, PPR, and UHC that took place between the 8-9th of May and the release of the zero drafts for the HLM on TB and on UHC, STOPAIDS and partners have released a series of briefings for advocates participating in the upcoming negotiations for the political declarations and … Continued

Access Denied – Extractive Research & Development in the COVID-19 Pandemic

This report, part of the Access Denied series, explores the role that UK public entities have played in supporting the development of COVID-19 tools such as diagnostics, vaccines and treatments. It highlights how the lack of equitable access safeguards across the research and development (R&D) continuum results in the perpetuation of an extractive global health … Continued

Access Denied: report series launch, March 2023

Three years on, the COVID-19 pandemic has officially caused the deaths of over 7 million people, disrupting livelihoods globally and continuing to have a devastating impact on communities that  don’t have widespread access to health technologies. The world’s response to the pandemic has demonstrated the flaws in the existing global system for the research, development … Continued

Featured Access Denied: What happens when Big Pharma is in the driver’s seat, January 2023

STOPAIDS and Global Health Advocates’ report series ‘Access Denied‘ explores how a lack of transparency in the pharmaceutical industry and the EU has harmed public health outcomes. The series is structured into two reports. The first set the scene through speaking to key actors and stakeholders who were involved in or following the contract negotiations. In … Continued

World AIDS Day, December 2022.

The 1st December marks World AIDS Day, an international day dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection. Each year we remember the millions who have who died from AIDS-related illnesses, stand in solidarity with those living and affected by HIV and strengthen our commitment to fighting HIV … Continued