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Towards Digital Justice: Participatory action research in global digital health

In April, BMJ published an article STOPAIDS collaborated on with the Digital Health and Rights consortium[1] outlining their project of developing participatory action research in global digital health. COVID-19 has accelerated the financialisation of digital health and a deepening digital divide. Companies in high-income countries have benefitted during the Pandemic; Big Tech in high-income countries (HIC) mine … Continued

Digital health rights campaigner briefing

Leave no young person behind in the digital health era Digital tools and artificial intelligence (AI) may help us to achieve the Global Goals, including health for all, but there are no guarantees that the benefits will affect everyone equally. Young people are the most digitally connected, making those online and engaged the most likely … Continued

Jeopardising progress: Impact of the UK Government’s aid cuts on HIV & AIDS worldwide

This report follows the inquiry conducted by the APPG on HIV, STOPAIDS and Frontline AIDS on the impact of the ODA cuts on the HIV response. Through exploring case studies of UK Aid- funded multilateral, bilateral and research projects, it analyses how crucial organisations, people living with HIV and the HIV response are being affected … Continued

The impact of integrating mental health services on HIV and TB outcomes

It is increasingly acknowledged that mental health is a risk factor for HIV and TB and can negatively impact on the course of the disease and treatment, and that living with HIV and/ or TB is a significant risk factor for a decline in an individual’s mental health and developing psychiatric illness. The findings of … Continued

An international pandemic treaty must centre on human rights

The proposed International Pandemic Treaty could be undermined by political posturing and national protectionism—or it could be an opportunity to chart a different global future based on human rights. Those in charge of drafting the treaty must begin with a clear look at the grave abuses that have characterized the covid-19 pandemic: authoritarian power grabs; … Continued

A Democracy Deficit in Digital Health?

Today, new technologies are rapidly reshaping how we access health information, find health facilities, and how health care providers diagnose and treat patients. These new technologies offer exciting opportunities, but also risk rolling back the fragile gains in human rights, by sharing and commodifying our most intimate health and behavioral information, and by leaving vulnerable … Continued

STOPAIDS Strategy Development

STOPAIDS has embarked on the development of the new STOPAIDS Strategy 2021-2024. As a first step in our horizon scanning process, the STOPAIDS staff developed 10 thought papers examining key questions that we think are critical to inform our understanding of the context that the new strategy will need to operate in. These are available … Continued