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High Level Meeting Briefings

In light of the multi-stakeholder hearings on TB, PPR, and UHC that took place between the 8-9th of May and the release of the zero drafts for the HLM on TB and on UHC, STOPAIDS and partners have released a series of briefings for advocates participating in the upcoming negotiations for the political declarations and High-level meetings (HLMs) in September, exploring the intersecting issues that need to be addressed across UHC, PPR, TB and other disease responses to advance the right to health for all.

These briefings draw heavily on past and upcoming HLMs, but our recommendations may be adapted to other key global health and development process­­es, including the SDG summit and Summit of the Future 2024.


The briefings cover the following intersections:

  • Briefing 1: A Coordinated Approach: Developed by STOPAIDS, Results UK, GNP+, and AVAC. This briefing discusses the relationship between UHC and PPR, explores how HIV and TB fit into the PPR and UHC frameworks, and emphasises the importance of a coordinated approach.
  • Briefing 2: Surveillance and Digital Health Rights: Developed by STOPAIDS, Results UK, GNP+, and Kelin. This briefing highlights the pressing need to strengthen the governance of data and digital technologies at national, regional, and global levels.
  • Briefing 3: Quality of Life/Person-Centred Approach and Integrated Care: Developed by STOPAIDS GNP+, Results UK, and FrontlineAids. This briefing focuses on how a person-centred approach to healthcare, which prioritises individual needs and preferences, can enhance health outcomes and promote health equity.
  • Briefing 4: Anti-Oppression and Health Equality: Developed by STOPAIDS, Results UK, WACI Health, Kampala Initiative, GATE, INPUD, GNP+, and ICW. This briefing addresses discrimination, punitive laws, and other social determinants of health.


Universal Health Coverage
UHC Zero Draft feedback

STOPAIDS, GNP+, Frontline AIDS, Aidsfonds and WACI Health collaborated to provide feedback on the zero draft here.

Feedback for the second revision of the UHC 2023 Political Declaration 

Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response
PPPR zero draft feedback

STOPAIDS,  AVAC, Friends of Global Fight, GFAN, Frontline AIDS, GNP+, Aidsfonds, RESULTS and WACI Health collaborated to provide feedback here.

Analysis of the PPPR Revision 1
STOPAIDS, AVAC, Frontline AIDS, GNP+, AidsFonds

Quality of Life
Quality of life, Person-Centred and Integrated Care text in the 2023 UHC, PPR and TB Political declaration zero drafts. June 22 2023

Anti-oppression text in 2023 UHC, PPR and TB Political declaration zero drafts.
June 22 2023.