Resources Library A Democracy Deficit in Digital Health? January 2020

A Democracy Deficit in Digital Health? January 2020

Today, new technologies are rapidly reshaping how we access health information, find health facilities, and how health care providers diagnose and treat patients. These new technologies offer exciting opportunities, but also risk rolling back the fragile gains in human rights, by sharing and commodifying our most intimate health and behavioral information, and by leaving vulnerable communities exposed to risk of discrimination, arrest, and violence. As global health agencies rush to embrace new digital technologies, they risk undermining human rights principles (that were painstakingly embedded into, for example, the global HIV and tuberculosis response) including right to non-discrimination in access to health services, the right to privacy, and the principle of inclusive governance. Read the full article published in the Health and Human Right Journal here. 

Published in January 2020. Authors: Mike Podmore, Sara L. M. Davis, Kenechukwu Esom, Rico Gustav and Allan Maleche.