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Keeping Faith Report

Produced to coincide with the Consortium’s 2011 meeting at Lambeth Palace, Keeping Faith is a confident assertion of the contribution made by faith-based organisations (FBOs) to the challenges of combating stigma and increasing access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. The reports shows FBOs are listening and responding to the concerns of the wider community committed to the fight against HIV and AIDS, and celebrates the unparalleled access to many of the key populations most affected by the HIV pandemic. It goes on to look at the risks associated with value-for-money approaches. (2011)

“Faith-based groups do not have the option of closing down the project, office, disposing of the land-cruisers and heading for the airport. Faith is not a project. It is a way of being, living and doing. As a result, faith-based groups have a presence in communities long before donors arrive. Sometimes they are the only point of call long after the money has run out.” Extract from the introduction to the report.