Resources Library Principles for ODA-funded Private Sector Engagement in Global Health, November 2022

Principles for ODA-funded Private Sector Engagement in Global Health, November 2022

From Public-Private Partnerships to biomedical Research & Development funding, there has been a substantial increase in the amount of development finance being channeled to the private sector to support the delivery of global development goals.

Whilst there are examples of private sector engagement which has advanced global health outcomes, responding to the risks associated with this agenda, STOPAIDS worked collaboratively with other civil society networks to develop the principles. These principles seek to guide the ODA funding and role of the private sector in global health.

The principles argue that ODA-funded Private Sector Engagement in Global Health must:

  • Not undermine public healthcare provision
  • Be driven by patient centred needs and social accountability for health rather than commercial interests
  • Have a demonstrated public health impact, be evidence based and adhere to the principle of equitable access to services
  • Have strong transparency and accountability mechanisms in place in line with the principles of aid effectiveness.
  • Support and promote human rights, workers’ rights, the rights of women and girls and all marginalised groups.
  • Not be used to promote private sector investment in health in countries where there is not  effective regulation of the private health sector

STOPAIDS joined with the Kampala Initiative PPR working group to host a webinar to launch the principles. You can watch the video below.



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