Access Denied – Extractive Research & Development in the COVID-19 Pandemic, May 2023

This report, part of the Access Denied series, explores the role that UK public entities have played in supporting the development of COVID-19 tools such as diagnostics, vaccines and treatments. It highlights how the lack of equitable access safeguards across the research and development (R&D) continuum results in the perpetuation of an extractive global health … Continued

Access Denied: report series launch, March 2023

Three years on, the COVID-19 pandemic has officially caused the deaths of over 7 million people, disrupting livelihoods globally and continuing to have a devastating impact on communities that  don’t have widespread access to health technologies. The world’s response to the pandemic has demonstrated the flaws in the existing global system for the research, development … Continued

Featured Access Denied: What happens when Big Pharma is in the driver’s seat, January 2023

STOPAIDS and Global Health Advocates’ report series ‘Access Denied‘ explores how a lack of transparency in the pharmaceutical industry and the EU has harmed public health outcomes. The series is structured into two reports. The first set the scene through speaking to key actors and stakeholders who were involved in or following the contract negotiations. In … Continued

Report Launch: Digital Health and Human Rights of Young Adults in Ghana, Kenya and Vietnam, November 2022

  This report investigates how young adults in Ghana, Kenya and Vietnam experience the digital transformation in health, and what they see as the effect on their human rights. In particular, the study explores the tensions between the benefits and risks to young peoples’ right to health and other human rights, and identifies areas for … Continued

Jeopardising progress: Impact of the UK Government’s aid cuts on HIV & AIDS worldwide, September 2021

This report follows the inquiry conducted by the APPG on HIV, STOPAIDS and Frontline AIDS on the impact of the ODA cuts on the HIV response. Through exploring case studies of UK Aid- funded multilateral, bilateral and research projects, it analyses how crucial organisations, people living with HIV and the HIV response are being affected … Continued

Featured HIV, Universal Health Coverage and the future of the global health architecture 

The aim of this paper, developed by STOPAIDS, Aidsfonds, Civil Society Sustainability Network and Frontline AIDS, is to serve as a catalyst for discussion within civil society on how the global health architecture of the Universal Health Coverage era should evolve and how it should be governed drawing on lessons from the global HIV response. … Continued

Featured STOPAIDS Position Paper Supporting the Full Decriminalisation of Sex Work

Since we first started in 1986, STOPAIDS has advocated for a human rights-based approach to ending AIDS. We have particularly focused on promoting the human rights of key population groups who are disproportionately impacted by HIV – including sex workers, men who have sex with men, transgender people and people who use drugs. In this … Continued

Featured Laying the foundations: Principles of a sustainable, successful transition from external donor funding

A report by RESULTS and STOPAIDS on the principles of a sustainable and successful transition from external donor funding. Transition before a national government and other key stakeholders are ready, willing, committed and able to take over development programmes can lead to gaps in critical services for people and often the reversal of hard won … Continued

Featured HIV Beyond Goal 3 – Interconnections between HIV, Human Rights and Sustainable Development

This paper explains the interconnections between certain Sustainable Development Goal targets, human rights laws, and HIV. Ending AIDS is now part of a broader health goal within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Those who are committed to ending the AIDS epidemic realise that a purely medical response is not effective. The AIDS response must also … Continued